Spiritual Horses

by Cephalophore

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released October 30, 2013

All lyrics written and performed by Porpoise Bitch Mother.
(Except on; "Holy War" and "Vanitas", where the third verses
are written and performed by Mentor and Shrekk respectively.)
All music produced by Mentor using the BKE Tech Beat Thang.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Composite Studios - Dallas GA.
Executive producer B. Tennyson, Associate producer J. N. Powell.
Cover photograph taken by Frank G. Carpenter. Edited by Mentor.




Mentor Atlanta, Georgia

We rap, We produce, We engineer, We shoot and edit our videos. We do these things for fun and because We love working with music. We hope you enjoy our content, We try to bring you new stuff as often as possible

Thanks for checking it out, and feel free to share with your friends.
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Track Name: The Air Journey
There's a part of you that's still holding on
To all of the things you're afraid may be gone
Struck dumb and paralyzed and shakin' with fright
Afraid to recognize that you might be right
Like a bird with a branch thrust through it's lung
You can't let go of what you can't become
Life burns to ash on the tip of your tongue
Because you have forgotten from where you come
I was pinned under a pillar of falsified stone
Demons of my psyche rendin' flesh from bone
Harsh designs on my muscles my spirit is meat
Praying for a deity take me off my feet
As the jaws of death clamp down on my waiting skin
Closing in on my life, notifying next of kin
The Earth is my mother but the sky is her origin
Original lineage summon power within

I saw the moon it was like it was calling my name
Bid me to come like a moth dancin' around a flame
I was so afraid I would one day have to come down
Do anything just to keep my feet off the ground

The mindborn shackles that bind earth-bound wings
Keep your mouth muzzled though your heart sings
Sweet thoughs of the air your terror denies
Though you walk the streets your eyes watch the skies
Like a fish with silt clogging its gills
You're holding onto wishes that you won't fulfill
Dodging your dreams with gusto and skill
You deny your desires cause you know that life kills
You won't take the plunge but you still hold your breath
Possibilities taunt you with your distress
Not afraid of monsters or dragons or death
But that you'll try and fail and have nothing left


There's a part of you that's afraid to let go
Of the awareness that you have no control
Submit and let the current pull you along
Learn to accept that you might be wrong
Like a dead soul afraid to go into the light
You resist the potential with all of your might
Find the strength to dare the will to release
Take your leap of faith down through the trees
Limbs growing tendrils feathers forming from hair
Gravity is a lover not a burden to bear
The world unveling its petals to a mind unaware
The first archaeopterix born into the air
The line that divides the earth from the sky
Is only illusory, a trick of the eye
You can orientate in the heights and the depths
When we meet again you will owe me a debt


So when you sink into the depths of despair
For you're looking for heaven and you find it's not there
But the path of your eye has travelled too far
The Earth itself is flying amidst the stars
Track Name: Samsara
Around the universe the blood wheel turns
Inside the heart godhead fires burn
Divine heat carbon is given birth
A hard rain of ash cascades down to earth
Whispers of the past coat wishing land
Child of volcanos mixed into the sand
Fertilizing blooms that thirst for power
Till the lava flows overcome the flowers
Newborn skies cry salty tears
Sirens singing hymns of a million years
Their tired voices lost in the fountain
Like a clot of dirt cast into a mountain
If in the end there's a mind to feel
It will be debating if what it sees is real
But none of this is known to the veil of skin
Universe erupts flowers bloom again

Perhaps I am lost in a world of confusion
Perhaps I am a slave to a master of illusion
But I believe we're in Nirvana
And it moves through the wheel of Samsara

Around the sun worlds spiral through time
Up the endless steps our spirits climb
Then upon the summit we sink to the floor
Revel in the bliss and then rise once more
Universe dissolves in a cloud of ants
Mandibles clicking in a timeless dance
Out through the in and in through the out
Join again into the void without one doubt
That the veil of darkness abyss and death
Is the starry womb that bequeaths our breath
I've felt the black hands stroking my heart
Take a tender knife and cut me apart
Disembowel my soul so that life can feed
Spread across the world plant me like a seed
Eons dividing the earth from the sun
Sun extending hands join again as one
Track Name: Holy War (Featuring Mentor)
There's a sick, sick place inside our souls
It screams in pain at a world it can't control
A terrible monster that haunts the skin
The desperate child that's locked within
So angry, angry, with the wide earth
The helplessness that we learned at birth
It lashes out in vain to keep the world at bay
Flappin it's gums it's got nothing to say
Sick and tired ashamed and bored
The ongoing torment of being ignored
Humility is such a bitter pill
And sucking it down can make the ego ill
Retrain your urges submit your toys
Resist temptation to fill the world with noise
Giving in to the tongue can make the heart weak
When you got something to say you'll be able to speak

The way of me is the only way to be
Shun the unbelievers, push them into the sea
The way of me is the only way to peace
If you're not with us you're with the enemy

Fighting battles you've no power to win
Abstract vendettas against imaginary sins
A vicious cycle of arrogance and anger
Leads to crusades waged against strangers
Layer after layer of paranoid guilt
Pushes you to the point where you're ready to kill
Actions are driven by emotional reactions
The suffering of others gives you satisfaction
You dream up fresh threats to social mores
Politics giving birth to a holy war
Neighbours are converted into enemies
When you believe the ends justify the means
Ideology is the great slayer of men
Right is defined by whoever wins
We divide the world into us and them
Cause we are afraid to fight the enemy within


Lights Cameras Action, it's time to go live,
Another hour of distraction to excite the hive,
Here's why to lock your door, here's why your country's poor,
Here's why not to trust the different looking fellow next door,
Cause he's got plans you can see it in his smile,
It's clear by the way he carries bags he's hostile,
A guy with the same last name did this,
How will you feel when you find out he does the same shit?
We're the citizens, they're from someplace strange,
You can tell by their smell, their skin tone, and names,
And our god bless country don't have room for them,
And on behalf of white people, we must condemn,
Anyone who doesn't drink Jamba Juice, or eat beef,
Or have a name like Betty, Jenny, Kenny, or Keith,
So if this doesn't make you want to defend our glory,
Check back at eleven for the rest of the story...

Track Name: Things Change
Hands clasped together to weather the snow
Heart pounds each aching measure to not go it alone
Hoods drawn and tethered to better face the cold
And frighten off the devils of an unrelenting world
In the spring on my life it seemed everything was fine
In pleasure's presence we dined and love flowed like wine
You and he together to treasure the sweet binds
Of friends and lovers no other was ever left behind
The streets were our comforts boulevards were a plaything
Tapestries of sewer covers hula-hoop with a bee-sting
In bliss we are smothered stay true to you feelings
As spring turns into summer humid hues of the clouds sing
Junebugs in gestation incubating a fresh youth
That knows more of confidence than it cares of truth
A mighty tree won't grow without layin' down its roots
Beckon me to come and taste forbidden fruit

Running through the forest with wolves on our tracks
If I slipped and fell behind would you stop and look back
Through the shifting of the seasons it all seems so strange
You tell me that you love me I tell you things change

Racing towards the solstice kindred souls brace for impact
A prayer inside your heart that you star will stay intact
Trepidation you're debating the price patience exacts
Afraid that a broken heart will always show its cracks
Summon strength to struggle for the love that you need
Soul infliction you must muzzle the convictions you bleed
When she laughs your fear retracts goddamn now you see
In hidden colours names carved into trees
Love and laughter that you're after meets you down by the fire
To be together's all that matters with a dash of desire
Serenity and comfort that sweet July acquired
Tore Lucifer asunder Seraphs forming a choir
In the heat of summer ice could not reach my heart
Others may grow old and die but we would not be apart
A path to paradise our quest seemed only at its start
September's drawing flies provides a canvass for black art


Autumn weaves a wreath of worry upon a furrowed brow
For sheathes of wheat will surely be tread before the plow
The depths of desperation that every heart endows
Will not wait until tomorrow for all we have is now
Months filled with laughter until silence they stray
Blue skies of youth soon fade to mute grey
Kisses burn to cinders as bitter years old sway
Temples of resentment built from things you won't say
A box of unsent sentiments and tender rhymes
Yellowing reminders fill out the tear stained lines
To think that you've held on for all this time
But you should have told her while she was alive
Track Name: Vanitas (Featuring Shrekk)
They dance their tortured rhythm on the threshold of starvation
Masturbation of a psyche that has twice denied salvation
Consternation of unholy gateways withering frustration
Incubation of a fever that awaits probate in desolation
Life's a sacred whore who denies you that which you do not deserve
Confer with aching muscles tussle with a pound of verve
Exert the force to stir your ego you've not the will to swerve
Diverge from your desires fires burn you down to the nerve
Your sysiphean desire to acquire yourself a lover
Who manifests your requests and attests to no other
The behest of your flesh skins you down to the knuckle
For the lips they may tempt but provide you no suckle

Everyday and every night
We make our way up toward the light
Tempting beauty greets our eyes
Flaming hearts our wings ignite
Cause I'm ugly, ugly, ugly
But if I can stand in your shine
I'll suck up some of that lovely
Maybe then I can make you mine

They glance sidewinder enshrined in their lush vocabulary
A reliquary of tainted thoughts betroth their poisoned sanctuary
Levity of their psuedo-smiles belies their deadly gravity
Integrity of functions succumbs to the compunction to depravity
Invert that which you cherished to obtain something worse
Furtive chances perish when your confidence becomes a curse
Revert back to idle claimes that you had made it first
Convert to the same old same as your hopes disperse
Contemplate the sweet escape that you cannot manage
Despite the respite that your failure has now granted
Reaping the fruits of the seeds of jealousy you've planted
You made your move so now you will take the damage


Hello my friend, How have you been?
Me I'm back to scratchin' my face and leaving scars again,
I can't conform to the norm, even if I tried,
Sayin' I don't wanna be like others, would be a lie,
I'm not outta my mind, I'm doin' just fine,
But sometimes I feel the need to pluck out my eyes,
Although I don't, betcha think I'm a joke,
Approach, can provoke, guaranteed a sore throat,
I'll facefuck your ambitions with a gentle stroke,
Rape your fuckin' fear, bitch say I won't,
I'm not a part of anything, no affiliation,
Never had a nickname, no abbreviations,
I still wanna be cool, make all the honeys drool,
Hang out at the pool, with my friends from school,
My apologies the Smoke And Mirrors left me cloudy,
My mother lied, there's really nothing special 'bout me,

Track Name: Nightmares Of A Perfect World
You wake up in the morning and feel the change
Optimism unbound it's a brand new day
The derelicted past just seems so strange
Peace walks within you, serenity regained
You open up your diary and turn the page
Edit out contempt and pain and rage
The meek and talented take center stage
Prisoners are released to earn an honest wage
Tidal waves spare castles in the sand
The left and the right wing are holding hands
Emperors let go of their conquered lands
Masters teach Zen to adrenaline glands
Parents and priests don't seek to chasten
All the children's seat-belts are fastened
Our fears never interfere with passions
You wonder if yesterday really happened

Somewhere in the corner of our mind
Lies the sanctity we live to find
Around that ray of light our spirits swirl
That our lives are just the nightmare of a perfect world

The bum on the street's askin' for flowers
Princes and kings relinquish their powers
The only congress is flocking birds
One whole world not split into thirds
Conflicts are over before you know it
Cops and generals get jobs as poets
The whole world knows of no disease
If it did healthcare would come for free
All there is is peace we close the courts
We don't need gasoline we can teleport
Fertile earth beneath and blue skies above
No desire for divorce cause we're all in love
Everyone takes inches and gives a mile
Cows give their flesh with a blissful smile
No one is forsaken all have their place
Watched over by machines of loving grace


It's the best damn feeling you could ever feel
Then it's 7am and you wake up for real
Leave a house you don't own for a job you hate
Surrender your life put food on your plate
Mass murder on demand on CNN
North Korea has the bomb we're at war again
Look out your apartment to a world so bleak
If life is so vicious why not stay asleep
Every living thing is born to sacrifice
Our savage world won't become a paradise
As hard as you may pray you cannot rearrange
You've got to face there's things you can't change
But no matter how wicked to world may seem
There's always a place reserved for your dreams
In the darkest night we find a way through
As long as you're alive paradise lives in you
Track Name: Little Drum
Sometimes I climb up that loving mound
And I ain't never coming down
Fill myself with that blissfull sound
Hi-hats raining to the ground
Feel that sense of sweet release
Of my spirit coming free
When I try to force it runs away
This thing I cannot replicate

I have this little drum I use it as a second tongue
It converts my fear of failure into the freedom to run
It calls my soul to action it's a message I must heed
It provides me with salvation in my dark moment of need
I feel it coursing through my veins I feel it pounding in my head
And without its exaltation I would long ago be dead
Its very name is movement and goddamn if I ain't moved
Will you stagnate in silence or revel in that primal groove


For the time has come your mind is stroked excitement builds your life is stoked
Your neurons sing like they're fired by coke a blowjob for your frontal lobes
Whiffs of ozone puffs of smoke you're drawn into those dancing strobes
Your chakras spin your karma glows the ecstacy within you grows
So crack the cannula let's start the drip-fed psalms of bliss and art
Like Moses sonic seas will part pump that rhythm into your heart
Feel your traumas vaporized by songs that crack the liquid skies
Feel the dance within you rise just like freebasin' Jesus Christ


I have this melody I hum it blows my pain to kingdom come
It pulls the word out of my brain and pushes them out through my lungs
Quench my thirst with acid rain and this saw wave sturm and drung
Build soft temples of hard base from all the sacred songs you've sung
For the rhythm has been my guide when the world's forsaken me and mine
It converts static into salvation and stagnant water into wine
It can sketch the troubles of my mind onto a page of crooked lines
And the bullgod has your head now baby but that's just fine